Blended Family Game

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"Welcome to our B.Fam"

(short for Blended Family)


Would you like to see your family get along better? Would you like to see less stepfamily drama? That's what this can do for your family, no matter how long you've been a stepfamily!!! 


  • A great plan and vision that allows your family to connect more so you see less stepfamily drama. 
  • ​'5 Ice Breaker Games' that are more stepfamily specific, creating fun and laughs.
  • Our 'Blended Family Guide To Fun' which walks you through an easy way to find more common interests in your family.
  • Gives you more ideas on what works for your family, and how to use it to make your family relationships stronger.
  • Gets your kids out of their rooms and connecting with the family. 


Hey, We're Randall & Scarlett Tandy

Founders and Hosts of "Enjoying Your Blended Family" Podcast/Youtube and More

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Blended families open up a world of challenges that most of us won’t even recognize until we’re knee deep into them. Our family was no exception.

When we married in 2008, we thought things were going to be butterfiles and rainbows. Both of us had been divorced before and we knew this marriage was going to be perfect. Our three kids would just get along and we were going to have the family we always dreamed of.

Then reality hit, and we learned all about blended family drama, and had way more than our fair share.

Fast-forward to now, and our kids are now young adults, and our relationships are the best they've ever been. We survived, and now are seeing so much beauty from all the hard work we put into it. Honestly, we never thought we'd see this day.

God planted it on our hearts to start sharing everything we've learned so you and your family can benefit from it, and maybe not fall into all the traps we did.

We are stronger together!!! That's what our B.Fam is all about, us coming together, growing stronger, so we all can keep enjoying our blended family.
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